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Min.Stay-2-nights – Public Hols & Special Events-3 – Xmas/New Years Hols-5

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29  reviews matching your selected criteria
8.00 - D. K, Australia
9.60 - S. S, Australia
Easy to deal with Lakeshores no need to check in or out
9.60 - K. L, Australia
The friendly and helpful staff at Lakeshores!
8.80 - S. Z, Australia
Close to where I had things to do.
8.60 - K. E, Australia
By viewing the accommodation on the web site you know exactly what you are getting. You also know it is clean and maintained well. It seems a bit of a lottery if you book via Rafferty's Resort direct. We liked your grocery service and the key service is excellent. Starter coffee and tea packs is a great help but we had stocked up before we left home. Our air conditioning stopped working and it was fixed the same day.
10.00 - S. B, Australia
8.00 - D. N, New Zealand
The setting and furnishings were lovely. It was also nice having our own dishwasher and washing machine.
8.40 - A. N, Australia
10.00 - A. V, Australia
A lovely place to stay and we have already recommended the resort to our friends and work mates.
10.00 - A. B, Australia
Great accommodation, really loved it. House was great, great view, really comfortable and nice. Would definitely stay again and would recommend.
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